"Maya" Laura Mears Owl Obsidian Pendant
"Maya" Laura Mears Owl Obsidian Pendant
"Maya" Laura Mears Owl Obsidian Pendant

"Maya" Laura Mears Owl Obsidian Pendant

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I am so excited to introduce the "Maya" pendant! These gorgeous pendants feature a rare and coveted porcelain "Maya" owl face by the talented Laura Mears.

A rose-cut, gold sheen obsidian stone rests above, flashing beautiful shimmers of gold both in and out of the sun. Sterling silver vines climb up the slides of the moonstone, while two, brass, crescent moons hug the owl on either side. A shower of sterling silver studs accent the top and middle of the pendant.

This necklace comes on 16" studded, sterling silver chain. She measures approximately 2" from the top of the bail to the bottom of the sterling silver studs.

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  • Composed 100% of fine and sterling silver (except for the brass moons)
  • Handmade with lots and lots of love ♥
  • Please note that obsidian can look very different depending on the angle/lighting
  • All sales final unless otherwise noted

Please note: All photos have been taken in natural lighting (indirect and/or direct sunlight) in an effort to depict each piece as accurately as possible. However, please note that colors may vary slightly due to varying computer and monitor settings. 

Care instructions: Please handle all handmade jewelry delicately, with care. Pieces should NOT be submerged under water, especially for prolonged periods of time. Pieces should also NOT be exposed to any kinds of chemicals. Exposure to chemicals in soap, household cleaning products, and others can damage or change the integrity of the stones and/or metals. Please take your piece off before washing hands, swimming, exercising, or any type of rigorous activity. All pieces have been given a patina, sanded, and polished, to bring out details and create additional depth, and can be re-polished with a paste created by mixing baking soda and water. While cleaning, please take extra care to avoid rubbing the paste on the stone(s), as this can damage the stone(s).